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VTube-LASER and VTube-STEP Version 3 Released

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

We've released version 3 of VTube on July 15, 2020. It has a huge list of changes that have been in development for several months.

Version 3 - New Features List

  • New - Scan Score allows users to compare scan quality with all previous scans

See this knowledgebase page for details on the new scan score.

  • New - VTube automatically sets the laser line separation distance based on the Master lengths. The value is now displayed in the measure window. It is now always an active edit box that you can change on the fly.

  • New - Use math formulas inside floating-point edit boxes.

New - Include a photo image of the tube in VTube-LASER for pre-measure orientation.

  • New – VTube-LASER is optimized for significantly faster internal speed. For example, scanning is 5 times faster

  • New - SOLIDWORKS BUILDER now creates orthographic drawings with XYZ grids and LRA grids

  • New - The new user coordinate system feature allows you to measure tubes in the coordinate system of an aligned tube - not just the arm coordinate system.

  • New - Quick-add a 90-degree bend to the end of a tube using a popup menu in the LRA grid.

  • New - LRA Spinner lets you jog the Length, Rotation, and Angle, and Radius data. This is helpful for finding the entry and exit angles for coils.

  • New - Beta testers love the new scanning sound. We changed from the clicking sound to a softer mallet sound.

  • New - There are now three kinds of Bend Profile Scans: Inside, Inside/Outside, and All Sides.

  • New - Qualify Bend Profile ENVELOPEs (not just the radius). This is the same as a GD&T tube profile. When an envelope has been measured, then a bend profile envelope displays like this (see point 4):

  • New - Complete reporting is built into inspection grids and report templates for the bend profile envelopes.

New - Bend Profile RINGS lets you visualize the surface points inside or outside the bend profile envelope. Each ring contains four points at the quadrants that are used to compare to rings that are derived from scanned data.

  • New - Inline Bend Profile Setup allows you to choose which radii to measure automatically during UNISCAN or MULTISCAN.

  • New - Unique sounds for all three Bend Profile scan types make it clear which type of bend profile scanning is active.

  • New - VTube-LASER now only uses the INSIDE scan data to calculate the centerline radius. (It no longer uses the inside and outside scan data.)

  • New - Improved Assembly Alignments: Now all the tubes in the assembly can follow the alignment of the current tube.

  • New - Improved Assembly Alignment: Use Precision Weights across multiple tubes in the assembly. This gives you total control over which points control the alignment across all tubes in the assembly.

  • New - VTube now uses the Windows 10 open/save dialogs (rather than Windows 7 dialogs).

  • New - Added the UNISON SVNET protocol

  • New - Added the Schwarze-Robitec SVNET protocol

  • New - Added the YLM SVNET protocol

  • New - Added the HEXAGON ISOGEN file import (Imports entire assemblies)

  • New - Added G-Tube GTT file import.

  • New - Now import STEP models with ADJACENT bends with no straights between the two bends.

  • New - Improved import of DOCS files. (It now imports DOCS assemblies.)


If your software maintenance agreement is active, You can go to the support site to download VTube-LASER or VTube-STEP version 3:

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