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Advanced Tubular ProControl v12


Enable Automatic Setup and Correction from Measuring Centers and CAD Programs Like SolidWorks.
​CNC Bender Data Sheet:

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​Teach the CNC Bender to the Correct Part Shape
​Correction is like steering a car - the measuring center steers the bender to the correct part shape by transferring corrections through Benderlink.


Faster Setup
​​Each bi-directional transmission with the bender takes only a few seconds and teachs the bender how make the part better than before.
Your setup time is dropped from hours to a few minutes.

Fitting the Gauge Like a Glove
​​If you're hard gauging, then the part will drop into the gauge faster every time.
And the process actually serves as a cross-check for your inspection process. If the measuring center and the gauge say you're in tolerance, then you have double the assurance that the part is correct.

​Advanced Tubular VTube-LASER with FARO 
The FARO arm uses our VTube-LASER software to measure tubes.


The ROMER uses DOCS or SUPRAVISION software to measure tube shapes. ​


The Sheffield uses G-Tube software to measure tube shapes.


The FARO arm uses CAM2 to measure tubing. Use Benderlink for FARO to communicate with Benderlink for Eaton Leonard.


EL Vector 
The Vector Tube Data Center uses Laservision to measure tube shapes. The communications protocol is legacy EL current loop.


The Multi Measure 5000 uses SUPRAVISION software to measure tube shapes.

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