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VTS 4 Features List

Date Released: September, 2022

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NEW - Morris Solutions
Bender Output

As of April 2023, VTube-STEP can export Morris Solutions PGM data files for use in the setup of Morris-controlled benders.


Morris Solutions is a reseller of VTube software in Benelux. They build retrofit bender controls. See

NEW - Improved Tube Import and Unbending Accuracy

VTube's tube import and unbending accuracies were enhanced so that it imports and unbends tubes to within microns of straightness - a requirement of laser cutting software.

Unbend components, holes, copes, or anything, then export to a STEP model in SOLIDWORKS or any solid modeling program.


NEW - Speed Increase

Older versions of VTube-STEP could require several seconds to shut down. Now VTube closes in a split second.

NEW - Bender Protocols

We added new bender protocols for input and output.

NEW - Enhancements and Fixes

Many under-the-hood enhancements and fixes were added in VTube-STEP. 

  1. VTube handles model imports better than previous versions. For example, new adjacent bend logic imports adjacent-bend models using improved logic, and tubes with holes in the geometry import more accurately.

  2. The new Alt + Left-Arrow and Alt + Right-Arrow shortcut keys perform left /right fine-tune roll screen orbits just like SOLIDWORKS.  (Also, new buttons are added to the bottom of the screen for fine-tuning the roll of the view.) This allows for a much easier window selection of parts of the imported model.

  3. A new view inversion button is added to let you quickly switch to the back view of the current view on the screen.

  4. We added new Unicode language support for report output. This allows for Asian character sets in the report.

  5. Other optimizations

We strongly recommend that VTube-STEP customers upgrade to this new version to get these enhancements.

Get the New Release Here!


Customers with an active SMA (Software Maintenance Agreement) can download the latest build of VTube-STEP 4 at the support site.

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