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Extract Cylindrical or Rectangular Tube Data Centerline from any Solid Model STEP or IGES File.

The new trend in data transfer is Model-based Definition (MBD). MBD uses solid models to transfer data between customers and vendors - and it is the new standard in the industry that is here to stay.

VTube-STEP is the tool that lets tube fabricators take advantage of using MBD from generic solid model data.


(Read the details of the benefits of MDB in the VTube knowledgebase.)

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See How VTube-STEP Sends Solid Model data to CNC Benders

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What customers say...

"The UTE XML file import works like a charm and imports perfectly. Thanks for a great product. We will be adding another machine soon, and I plan on using your products. Thanks again."

Nicholas Snowdon, Manufacturing Support Specialist, BAUER COMPRESSORS, INC.


VTube-STEP Quick Start Guide

Click the button to download the PDF document.

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