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​Measuring Tube and Pipe the Easy Way with VTube-LASER Connection to these measuring centers:


  • HEXAGON Absolute Arms

  • FARO ScanArms

  • Kreon Scan Arms

  • ​Revware MicroScribe Arms

Starting in 2010, Advanced Tubular raised the bar for tube measuring by using decades of experience to create measuring center software that is unlike anything you've ever seen before.


Because VTube-LASER uses laser scanning technology, we were able to take advantage of the strengths of collecting huge point clouds of surface data. 


Why Upgrade to VTube-LASER v4?

There are lots of reasons to upgrade to VTube-LASER 4. You can see in the list on the right the new things added.

  • VTube-LASER Space Objects – This is the major addition to VTube. It allows for measuring planes and holes in a tube shape.

  • VTube-LASER Shallow Bend Logic – This new logic allows VTube-LASER to find the center of shallow bends more accurately.

  • VTube-LASER Laser Cut Planes and Leapfrog – This logic allows users to use the laser scanner for all operations.  There is no more need to use the ball probe.

  • VTube-STEP Improved Import Accuracy – This logic improved the accuracy of model imports significantly.

Other New Additions

  1. VTube-LASER has added CSM M3 Bender Corrections

  2. VTube now automatically keeps up to 50 backups of the global configuration file.

  3. VTube has many new report tokens added that allow for more reports – like a Laservision report.

  4. VTube-LASER point cloud handling has changed to allow 100,000s of points rather than the old 20,000 points.

  5. VTube now draws an offset plane model in Cut Planes when the offset is not equal to zero.

  6. VTube can create Cut Planes from Plane Space Objects.

  7. VTube now shows Unicode characters properly in reports.  (This allows for Asian language characters in VTube reports.)

  8. VTube now shows real-time bend angle feedback in the DRO (Digital Readout).  As you measure through a part, it will always show the latest bend angle measured.