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This is software for measuring tubes with articulated arms using ball probes or laser probes.


This is software for importing solid model tubes, creating reports, and sending data to benders.

​VTube Accessories

VTube-LASER hardware accessories

Advanced Tubular Technologies Calculator

​A free utility for tube fabricators that calculates tangent distances, arc lengths, unit conversions, base lengths of a right triangle, and more.

AutoCAD to Bender

The DXF2SV software is designed to convert DXF files into Supravision files.

Autodesk Inventor to Bender (AI2Bender)

​The AI2Bender software converts your Autodesk Inventor part files into bender and measuring center files.

Bender to XYZ Calculator

This is a stand-alone Windows calculator that allows you to calculate centerline XYZ data from BENDER (LRA, YBC, FPB, etc.) data

Benderlink Software

We have a variety of Benderlink packages that enable communications between benders and measuring centers.

CNC Bender Pro Control (Sold through SMT Industries)

CNC BENDER for Windows 2000 is bender control software developed by Advanced Tubular Technologies for use on the S.M.T. Industries horizontal benders

FIF Translator

FIF Translator is a Windows program that calculates and translates Eagle Eaton Leonard data files to other tube fabrication part file standards.

Overbend Calculator

This program helps you calculate overbend necessary to overcome material springback to save scrap during setup.

Solid Edge to Bender

SE2Bender conversion software converts Solid Edge bender data files to the Supravision format.

Utility Software

Utility software that works with our other software packages. The software includes network hardware key drivers and testing software.

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