VTS 3 Features List

Original Release Date: July 15, 2020.

Latest Build RElease Date: July 30, 2021

Parallel Lines

VTube-STEP 3 is Build 591 is Here!

Date Released: July 30, 2021

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See the PDF document for the VTube-STEP Version 3 - New Features List

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Customers with an active SMA (Software Maintenance Agreement) can download the latest build of VTube-STEP 3 at the support site.

NEW - Multiple-view Tube Drawings in SOLIDWORKS

We've enhanced the SOLIDWORKS BUILDER feature. Customers requested that we allow VTube-STEP to not only build the parametric part - but also a multiple-view orthographic drawing based on that part. 

The automatic drawings include one, two, or three views, balloons that point to the intersection points, the XYZ blocks, and the LRA (bender data) blocks.


And it builds the drawings many times faster than could ever be drawn manually.


NEW - Rotate and Move the Entire Assembly

Now VTube-STEP can transform (rotate) and translate (move) the active tube in the assembly - and have all other tubes in the assembly follow the transformation rotation or move. 


NEW - LRA Spinner Control

The LRA Spinner control is designed to allow you to quickly and repeatedly change the LRA data of a tube and watch the result in real-time. 

This control is useful for visually aligning to a model's coil entry and exit rotations.


NEW - Import Adjacent Bends

VTube-STEP has a new Collect type that allows for selecting two adjacent bends and then calculating the centerline through that straight.


NEW - Import Hexagon DOCS Assemblies

VTube-STEP v3 can now import entire DOCS assemblies.


NEW - Import HEXAGON Isogen Pipe Assemblies

VTube-STEP v3 can now import entire HEXAGON Isogen pipe assemblies.


NEW - Other stuff too

See the list of other items added to VTube-STEP v3.

  1. Now all the floating-point edit boxes let you enter formulas to enter data.  Say you want to add 0.375 mm to the X coordinate of 2.5.  In that value's box, type 2.5+3/8, and VTube will solve the formula with "2.875"

  2. Added a dedicated UNISON SVNet protocol

  3. Added a dedicated Schwartze-Robitec SVNet protocol

  4. Added a dedicated YLM SVNet protocol.