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ATT Calculator


Why would any software company give away software for free?

We want to increase our name recognition in the tube fabrication market, and I feel that this is the best way to do it. This program can be thought of as our electronic "business card." So, feel free to copy the software and pass it along to your friends and colleagues. Please let them know that this software is available for downloading without charge.

The calculator contains hard-to-find math tools often used by tube fabrication engineers. We plan to add new features to this program occasionally, so you may want to check our website periodically for the ATT Calculator version. Every time we add new features, we will also increase the version number so you can know if you need to perform a new download. We want your suggestions for future versions, so please let us know if you have ideas for new features.

Michael Cone​


​Standard Windows Commands

Every calculated value in the ATTCalc program can be copied to the Windows clipboard so that it can be used in other Windows programs.

Also, using the clipboard, you can solve for a value in Millimeters and then copy the result value to the Conversion page for conversion to Inches, or Feet, or whatever.

To COPY a value, select that value using the mouse or the shift key and then press Ctrl-C.

To PASTE a value to a box, select the edit box where the value is to be placed and then press Ctrl-V.

To CUT a value in an edit box, select the value and press Ctrl-X.

DOUBLE-CLICK on a value to select a word in an edit box automatically

Steps for Downloading and Installing

Step 1 | Download the program to your computer.

Step 2 | Send us an e-mail message with this information:

  • Your Name

  • Company Name

  • Complete Address

  • Telephone number

Request a password to decompress the attcalc53.exe file.

(Please Note: By sending this request, you need to agree to allow us to send periodic emails about our products. We will not spam your inbox with thousands of emails - and we never sell your information to other companies.)

Step 3 | We will send you the password by e-mail.

Step 4 | Run attcalc53.exe and enter the password when the program asks for it then allow the program to run the installed setup_attcalc53.exe program.

Step 5 | Proceed with the installation using the regular setup program.

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