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Benderlink for Crown

Benderlink for Crown is a program that enables connections of Crown and Eurobend UK benders to measuring centers.

  • It installs and runs on the Crown control unit, always ready to perform communications in the background.

  • The software monitors for instructions from the measuring center, then performs the appropriate data conversion and translation automatically.

  • View the Crown Unlimited Machine website

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Translates Both Supravision Data And Eaton Leonard Vector Data
Connects directly to the Supravision-based measuring centers using the Supravision Network protocol. Connects to Eaton Leonard Vector measuring centers using a single COM port and the Eaton Leonard Premier protocol.


Fast Bi-Directional Communications
Each bi-directional transmission takes only a second or two.


Enables Measuring Center Corrections Loop
​Translates corrections data between tube measuring centers and the Crown bender. This feature allows the measuring center to make direct corrections to the Crown bender data to adjust the machine automatically.

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