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Benderlink for MiiC

Steer your MiiC Bender to the Correct Part Shape - FAST!
​Connect to measuring centers to steer your bender to the correct part shape.
Benderlink monitors for commands from measuring centers (Eaton Leonard, or Supravision-based) then allows you to quickly update the bender's FPB data.
Store MiiC Data on a Network for RECALL and BACKUPSave the MiiC setup data to disk for future setups or even backup for protection from loosing data.
Part storage is practically unlimited: Save 50000 x 20-bend parts to 1 GB of disk space.


Advanced Tubular
VTube-LASER with FARO 
The FARO arm uses our VTube-LASER software to measure tubes.


EL Vector 
The Vector Tube Data Center uses Laservision to measure tube shapes. The communications protocol is legacy EL current loop.


The Sheffield uses G-Tube software and can also read Supravision files.


The ROMER uses Supravision software to measure tube shapes. ​


The FARO arm uses CAM2 to measure tubing. Use Benderlink for FARO to communicate with Benderlink for BLM.


The Multi Measure 5000 uses SUPRAVISION software to measure tube shapes.