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Benderlink for Pedrazzoli

Transfer data to and from your Pedrazzoli Orbital and Bendmaster benders.

​Benderlink allows you to build master Pedrazzoli data files at a remote Windows computer for transfer to the Pedrazzoli control. It allows you Request and send data from a master Benderlink for Pedrazzoli database on a remote server. 

Benderlink you to make a connection to a measuring center for complete correction loops. 
There are three software program modules in the system:


  1. Data Management Module - Enter and manage bender data 

  2. Data Transfer Module - Transfer data from the master server to a Pedrazzoli control 

  3. Data Server Module - Resides on the Pedrazzoli control in order to manage incoming requests


Data Management


Operating System: Windows - 32 bit
Where Installed: Manager's Computer

​Things that you can do with this module:

  • Create a new Pedrazzoli part file.

  • Load existing Pedrazzoli part files.

  • Edit the data of the data fields.

  • Transfer individual part data to the bender (like the Transfer module)

  • Copy an entire Pedrazzoli data base from the bender to the server

  • Drag-and-drop data files into the program.

  • Double-click on any ".bped" file to run Benderlink for Pedrazzoli - Bender Data Management module and load the part automatically.

  • Perform corrections loops with measuring centers.


Data Transfer

Operating System: Windows - 32 bit
Where Installed: Computer Next to Ped Control
​The Benderlink for Pedrazzoli transfer module transfers data from a remote server to the Pedrazzoli control. Users of the Transfer Module can read the bender data, but can not edit it.

Things that you can do with this module:

  • Read files created by the Data Management Module.

  • Transfer data to the Pedrazzoli control.


Data Server

Operating System: DOS
Where Installed: Pedrazzoli Bender Operating Station hard drive
The Data Server program is designed to run on DOS-based Pedradows Benderlink for Pedrazzoli programs through the external RS-232 serial port on the Pedrazzoli operator station. A Windows compzzoli controls.
It responds to requests from the Winuter is placed next to the Pedrazzoli control. The two computers are then connected to using a serial cable.
The Data Server is designed to run only when operators intend to perform communications between the Benderlink computer and the Pedrazzoli operator station.

Things that you can do with this module:

  • Responds to commands from the other Benderlink for Pedrazzoli Windows programs to receive or send part data directly into the Control.

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