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Get Great End Scans with VTube-LASER END SCAN FLIER FILTER

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

As of version 3 build 542 released on June 22, 2021, VTube-LASER has

a major game-changer feature called the "End Scan Flier Filter" that makes end scan point locations much more consistent by automatically removing fliers from the scan.

After using the new flier filter, we've been getting high reviews.

We received this from a VTube-LASER customer:

The end flier filter add on to the software in my opinion is a real game changer at least with the type of tubing we use. I think it is impossible or seems to be anyways to get a bad reading on the end lengths with that enabled. I had made some solid end caps to measure end points before the update because I wasn’t that confident in the reading I was getting without them. Since the update I no longer use the caps and when measuring a tube I feel 1000% confident that the end points will be correct. Like I said it’s a game changer especially as far as thin wall tubing is concerned. Thanks again for all you do!

Doug Warnecke, Vice President of SMT Industries said this:

I wanted to express my sincerest thanks to you for the end scan flier filter update. It has remedied one of my biggest frustrations with the new laser scanner that we have. It’s amazing! No more rescanning parts several times due to the possibility of a flier creating an unreliable result. One scan and it’s done and I have confidence that the result is accurate. Thanks!

If you have an active Software Maintenance Agreement, then you can upgrade to the new version of VTube-LASER at this site.


See the video to learn how the filter works:


You can upgrade to v3 build 542 at this site.

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