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Budgeting for a Complete VTube-iMC System

Our VTube-iMC (Integrated Measuring Centers) is a popular option for customers that want a complete system installed and running.

If you're interested in knowing the complete price of a system, I've added the prices for four iterations of the iMC systems on the main page. The prices range from $111,100 to $124,000. (The prices are good as of April 2022). They include everything necessary to run a system - including a HEXAGON scan arm and even on-site training (for North America).

It may come as a surprise is that our 12-foot table system (the iMC 3500), which is twice as long as the 6-foot table system (the iMC 1800), costs only $2500 more than the iMC 1800.

On the web page, I've also included prices for upgrading from the red-laser RS5 scanner to the blue-laser AS1 blue-laser scanner. They're both great scanners - but the AS1 handles highly reflective parts better than the red-laser scanner. The price to upgrade to the AS1 is currently $10,500.

The table systems can also be purchased independently if you already have an arm that is compatible with VTube-LASER. They can be adapted to FARO or Kreon arms as well (since both are supported by VTube-LASER).

See the page for prices and details of what is included in our complete systems.

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