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VTube-LASER's Improved Best Fit Alignment for Shallow Bends

Our technicians have done it again. They keep innovating new ideas that

make VTube-LASER an even better tool for tube fabrication metrology. Here is the latest one.

Our team discovered that shallow bends should not be allowed to have the same influence on an alignment as high-degree bends in a tube shape. Then they found the algorithm we needed to use in VTube-LASER. And it works great!

So, we added a Shallow Bend Removal Logic switch in the Best Fit Alignment setup menu that allows users to turn this feature on and off. Also, you'll find an entry that defines what "shallow" means in degrees.

The logic is now part of VTube-LASER version 3.2 build 714, March 31, 2022.

See a video of the feature working at

Also, visit the site to upgrade your VTube-LASER system.

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