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Addison Benders to Vector Tube Data Center


We designed the Benderlink for Addison software package to run either inside the Addison control or on a separate Benderlink computer system next to the Vector Tube Data Center to enable communication between the two machines.

The software monitors for commands from the Vector Tube Data Center, then performs the appropriate data conversion and translation automatically.
The software is fully configurable for different setups in a tab-menu setup page that is easy to use.



The software connects directly to Eaton Leonard Vector Tube Data Center communication port through a Benderlink Ethernet Module.

Installs directly to a Windows based computer.
Requires a Benderlink Ethernet Module with a Current Loop board

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​TRADEMARK NOTICE: "MK IV MK V " are trademarks and the property of Addison - McKee. The "Benderlink for Addison to Vector " is software owned solely by Advanced Tubular Technologies, Inc.

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