VTube-LASER v4 Features List

Date Released: September, 2022


Now Measure Holes Using
Space Objects

NEW - Shallow Bend Measure Logic

  • We added Shallow Bend measure logic to make locating intersection points at shallow bends up to 10 times more accurate.


NEW - Measure Planes and Holes with Space Objects

  • Customers have requested that we allow VTube-LASER to measure and qualify holes in tube shapes - so we added Space Objects.

    Space Objects can measure brackets, holes, and ports around the tube.



NEW - GD&T Perpendiculatory with End Trim Profile (v4.0.1060)

  • The End Trim Profile measure process now allows you to calculate the GD&T perpendicularity quickly and accurately with a laser or ball probe.

  • This updated feature is in version 4, build 1060, released October 5, 2022.  Update this version to get the functionality you see in the video.



Get the New Release Here!


Customers with an active SMA (Software Maintenance Agreement) can download the latest build of VTube-LASER 4 at the support site.