VTube-LASER Testimonials

​“Thanks for the help and training today. Feeling really good about everything and I am very happy that I made the investment in your product. It's very obvious that someone who is passionate about this is behind it and that makes a huge difference.”

Steve Tschurwald
President / Aircraft Speciality
“The training was great. The trainer was fantastic and really helpful for me by training for the actual work we will be doing. Thank you very much for all the help and support.”

Alexander Harris
Mechaniker / Milltek Sport GmbH
“I wanted to thank you for the awesome training you gave my team. I feel we were able to get very valuable information and lots of hands-on time on the proper techniques and software use.”

Nate Fuller
Engineer / Alex Products
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"The VTube-LASER technician's training was accurately focused at the level of expertise our group possesses. He kept the group interested and was a great instructor."

James Brackner
Technical Manager - Verification Flight
Hill Air Force Base
Salt Lake City, Utah

"It has been a pleasure. You all are great. Thank you for the new toy."

Jim Mooney, Chief Operating Officer
COMOSO - Controlled Motion Solutions, Inc.
Santa Ana, California

"VTube-LASER is freaking awesome software. I love this software!"

Isaac Spear, Engineering Lead

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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"VTube-LASER is amazing and very extensive in measuring and documenting bent tubes."

Kevin Coffey, President
Loves Park, Illinois

"I recently had the opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of VTube-LASER...What would have normally taken me one or two days of work was reduced to just one afternoon. It even impressed the Senior VP of Engineering. Your product is awesome!"

Mark Laughlin, Senior Technician - R&D
Santa Fe Springs, California

"The update is working perfect and is exactly what I needed to get that hanger rod in the correct position. Thank you very much for the video walkthrough. Thank you very much for adding this [assembly alignment] feature!"

Chris Burkard
Auto-Jet Muffler Corp.
Clive, Iowa
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