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AutoCAD to Bender


​Convert AutoCAD to Bender and Measuring Center Compatible files

Any CAD package that can build DXF files is compatible - AutoCAD, TurboCAD, IntelliCAD, CADKEY, Microstation, FastCAD, Ashlar Vellum 3D.......


DXF2SV is designed to convert AutoCAD type data into data that can be transferred to Supravision-based tube measuring centers, or software that can import Supravision files.
The converter imports AutoCAD DXF files created by CAD programs.  DXF is an acronym for Drawing Interchange Format.  This format has been an industry standard for years and is widely used by many CAD packages.  This is a list of some of the packages that can output DXF files (there are more):


Ashlar Vellum 3D
Using DXF files as the source enables the converter to operate with a wide variety of CAD programs as long as they conform to standard DXF protocols.

CAD File Creation

These images show how data is entered in AutoCAD in order to use it for conversion to bender data through the converter.

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