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Convert tube shape data from Autodesk Inventor Professional to data that is compatible with the Advanced Tubular bender communications software called Benderlink and any bender that supports Supravision files.

​How It Works

Imports Inventor part files for complete conversion to Supravision (Sheffield, Romer, MM5000, Advanced Tubular Benderlink Supravision file format is compatible with many measuring centers

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of Autodesk Inventor to Bender

Sample Log Output

Calculated BENDER data 1: L:2.4110 R:-90.0000 A:90.0000 Radius:1.0000 2: L:0.7940 R:90.0000 A:90.0000 Radius:1.0000 3: L:0.4170 R:109.8939 A:90.0000 Radius:1.0000 4: L:5.4110 R:0.0000 A:90.0000 Radius:1.0000 5: L:2.2230 R:0.0000 A:90.0000 Radius:1.0000 5- L:1.0000 Developed Length: 20.1100Performing Calc from XYZ to BENDER...
OK - Inventor Data Loaded
OK - XYZ Point Count in Inventor Data: 71: X:5.6320, Y:-2.9430, Z:2.0000
2: X:5.6320, Y:-2.9430, Z:5.4110, Rad:1.0000
3: X:2.8380, Y:-2.9430, Z:5.4110, Rad:1.0000
4: X:2.8380, Y:-0.5260, Z:5.4110, Rad:1.0000
5: X:2.8380, Y:-0.5260, Z:-2.0000, Rad:1.0000
6: X:-1.1330, Y:0.9110, Z:-2.0000, Rad:1.0000
7: X:-1.1330, Y:0.9110, Z:0.0000
Units: Inches
OK - XYZ count = 7
OK - Main header check
OK - Parsing data to internal Autodesk Inventor data object...
OK - Inventor XYZ Data File Loaded: [C:\Program Files\ai2bender\AIdata\]


Use converted files to send data to the following systems:

​Advanced Tubular VTube-LASER with FARO: 
The FARO arm uses our VTube-LASER software to measure tubes.


​Data converted by AI2Bender can be imported directly into the SMT/Advanced Tubular CNC Bender operator station over your network.


6-axis portable measuring center that uses the G-Tube software and can also read Supravision files.


A portable 6-axis measuring center that uses SUPRAVISION software to measure tube shapes.


The Multi Measure 5000 is a 5-axis measuring center that uses SUPRAVISION software to measure tube shapes.


Advanced Tubular Benderlink can import Supravision software for transfer of data directly to many tube bending machines.

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