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If your tube fabrication process is like most in the industry, you have to deal with material springback that occurs after bend tools are released.

Overbend Calculator uses an industry standard formula for calculating springback.

In the example below, we will answer the question:
​"How much springback does this material have in my CNC bender at 95 degrees of bend?"

Program Your BenderYou supply two test bend angles (by performing test bends), and the program creates the springback formula for you - from which you can calculate any other bend angle.
Plug the programmed values into the Bender Setup tab menu.
Then press the Next Page button...
Measure The BendsMeasure the actual angles of the bends after you take them out of the bender.
Plug the measured values into the Measure Bends tab menu.
Then press the Next Page button...
Measure The BendsPress the Calculate button in the Calculate Formulapage. Two constants will be filled into the fields.
You can program these values into your bender control. For Supravision or DOCS measuring center software, use the Eaton Leonard style values on the bottom.
Then press the Next Page button...
View The AnswersThe answer? For a 95 degree bend angle you must move the bend arm 99.25 degrees.
​The formula predicted 4.25 degrees of overbend.
You can now save a data file for use on this tube material in the future.
Print Report
​You can print the report in configurable angle increments: 1, 5, 10, 15, or 20 degrees
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Calculator v7.5

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