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Innovative SMT Video Showing Bending from the INSIDE!

Doug Warnecke of SMT Industries of Sidney, Ohio just released a short video bending a square tube where the 3-D printed mandrel has an embedded camera.

This video shows bending the outside of a square tube. Then Doug shows how they 3-D printed a mandrel (a plug fits on the inside during bending), then fitted a camera and two flashlights inside the mandrel! Then the video switches to the bending view from inside the tube.

Watching the flow of the material from the inside is fascinating. But there's an added twist: The bending process creates a normally unheard noise as the material flows in the bend.

Wow - this is now at the top of my list for most interesting video in the tube fabrication industry. If you are a tube fabricator - I strongly recommend that you see this video.

SMT Indusitres is an official distributor of VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER software from Advanced Tubular. They remanufacture benders and use the ATT CNC Bender software for the controls. They sell new benders from Han Jie Manufacuring. They can supply CNC bending systems that include benders with VTube integrated measuring centers for quick bender setup and tube shape qualification.

See: for more information about SMT Industries.

Contact: Doug Warnecke at

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