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Note that this table does not include items like the ScanArm, computer system, VTube-LASER software, training, or shipping. See below for details.


  • IMC Table
  • TRAX Rail System
  • Forklift Pockets
  • Spherical Leapfrog Plate
  • Large Monitor
  • Printer
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Amplified Speakers
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • 8-port Ethernet Switch
  • Pallet with Shrink Wrap for Shipping


Not Included:


  • Measuring Arm
  • VTube-LASER Software
  • VTube Training
  • Shipping & Insurance




  • VTube-LASER Computer – preprogrammed and tested
  • Cylindrical Test Bar
  • Wood Crate (upgrade from Pallet with Shrink Wrap
  • Keyboard Stand

VTube-LASER iMC 1800 Lite TABLE (6 foot)

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