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VTube-STEP Software Software for Measuring and Qualifying Tube Shapes and Correcting Bending Machines


NO MORE BARRIERS for tube fabricators to solid model data.


  • Extract cylindrical or rectangular tube data centerline from any solid model STEP or IGES file.
  • Build solid models from XYZ data
  • Build rectangular parts
  • Send reports to Excel
  • Easy to turn Solid into Centerline
  • Find the best seam orientation
  • Automatically build SolidWorks tubes
  • Extend an end point
  • Configurable reports
  • Save bender data or send data to the bender
  • Convert from Conrac (MIL-D-9898C) bender data to centerline XYZ data
  • Extract tubes from assembly
  • Unbend a tube with drilled holes


FILE COMPATIBLE with VTube-LASER - Use as a remote entry program


  • You can use VTube-STEP to import solid models of tubes then save them as VTube project files that are 100% compatible with VTube-LASER and VTube-LASER Programmer.

VTube-STEP Software

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