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Sumitube Calculator

Sumitube Calculator is a 32 bit Windows program that calculates SUMITUBE and ARMOR start positions and lengths relative to a master tube.

​SUMITUBE* is heat-shrinkable polyoelin tubing designed by Sumitomo Electric. Heat-shrink tubing is used often as protective armor for tube fabrications where there is a possibility that a tube will fail due to friction with other components.

The program can also be used to calculate the positions of spring armor and other types of armor that follow the centerline of a master tube shape.

*(TRADEMARK NOTICE: "Sumitube" is a trademark and the property of Sumitomo Electric. The "Sumitube Calculator" is software owned soley by Advanced Tubular Technologies, Inc. There is no connection between the two companies.)

Major Features

  • Easy entry of the tube and SUMITUBE/ARMOR in the same XYZ grid.

  • Separate diameters for the master tube and each SUMITUBE/ARMOR.

  • Calculates CUT lengths of the master tube (elongation compensated).

  • Calculates CUT lengths of the SUMITUBE or ARMOR sections.

  • Calculates the distance of each SUMITUBE from the end of the tube.

  • Previews and prints reports that display the calculated data.

  • The report includes a dimensioned IMAGE of a straigthened tube with SUMITUBE/ARMOR in place.

  • Use the DATA LIST mode to CUT and PASTE the data to other programs in Windows.

  • Saves and Loads data files to disk.

Download and test drive the Sumitube Calculator:

​Define Tube Shape and SUMITUBE Position

​The TUBE DEFINE menu uses a grid to allow you to enter the tube shape and the sumitube/armor in the same listing. A special TYPE column is used to control whether the coordinate is a MASTER tube coordinate or a SUMITUBE coordinate. For example "I" is entered for end points and intersection points, and "S1", "S2", "S3", etc. are entered for all sumitube section end points.
​Report Preview and Print
The REPORT window displays a preview of alphanumeric and graphic data pertaining to the SUMITUBE calculations. The two images below are actual printed pages that were scanned for viewing. Click on either image to see an enlarged example of the Sumitube Calculator output.
Data List for Windows Cut and Paste
The DATA LIST window displays the data so that it can be cut and paste from Sumitube Calculator to other Windows programs.
It is also possible to print this data directly to the Windows printer.
​Elongation Compensation

The program allows you to derive a true cut length by entering a simple elongation value of distance of elongation per degree of bend.

All arc lengths are shortened appropriately and the compensated cut lengths are used in the Sumitube calculator drawing in the REPORT window.
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