VTL 3 Features List

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VTube-LASER 3.1 Build 638 is Here!

Date Released: October 16, 2021


NEW - Embedded PDF Reports

PDF Reports: VTube-LASER now uses a new embedded PDF
creator that exports reports to PDF files without using external PDF drivers. 


PDF AutoSave: VTube can now also be configured to autosave a parallel PDF report file when VTube project files are saved.

NEW - Compatible with the new FARO Quantum MAX

VTube-LASER is now compatible with the FARO Quantum MAX and its required new drivers.

NEW - Batch File Change

VTube now can now change the values in thousands of files at the same time using the new Batch File Change feature in System Options. This allows you to adjust the Measure Setup values for all projects already saved.

NEW - Communications

New communications protocols were added and tested with VTube-LASER.

- Han Jie SVNET


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See the PDF document for the VTube-LASER Version 3 - New Features List

Get the New Release Here!


Customers with an active SMA (Software Maintenance Agreement) can download the latest build of VTube-LASER 3 at the support site.

NEW - VTube END SCAN FLIER FILTER (June 22, 2021)

This new feature was released in June, 2021. It is a powerful filter that removes flier points from end scans automatically in order to ensure that the end scans are rock solid.

With the new filter comes an End Scan Quality window that indicates how well the end scan performed - and whether VTube accepts or rejects the end scan.

The Flier Filter is designed to look for END WALLS and separate them from points in the cloud that do not make good end-wall points.


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Major New Features in Version 3

NEW - VTube SCAN SCORE Gives Confidence to Users

In VTube-LASER v3, we've added a way to allow users to know if their cylinder scan technique is reasonably consistent with a historical database of tube cylinder scans.

The overall scan score is a composite value from VTube-LASER including wobble deviation, cylindricity, out-of-round%, near pass deviation, and dual cylinder fit uncertainty.

The score value is a percentage where 100% is perfectly consistent.  Over 100% shows a better scan than usual.  If a score is much lower than 100% then the operator is warned that something may be wrong. He/she may be wise to rescan the part to be sure that the new lower number is the new score norm.


NEW - Multiple-view Tube Drawings in SOLIDWORKS

We've enhanced the SOLIDWORKS BUILDER feature. Customers requested that we allow VTube-LASER to not only build the parametric part - but also a multiple-view orthographic drawing based on that part. 

The automatic drawings include one, two, or three views, balloons that point to the intersection points, the XYZ blocks, and the LRA (bender data) blocks.


And it builds the drawings many times faster than could ever be drawn manually.


NEW - Align All Parts in the Assembly Automatically

With version 3, you can now align all secondary parts in the assembly at the same time you align the selected active part. 


It's this simple:

  1. Make any tube the active tube the Assembly Controller.

  2. Press the realign button on the Inspection menu.

  3. All secondary parts in the Assembly Control list with an active Align switch will follow the alignment automatically.


NEW - VTube BEND PROFILE RINGS Qualification

Qualifying a bend profile inside the allowed tolerance space is becoming an important metric in some applications for tube fabrication - especially for aerospace and military applications.


For these applications, measuring and documenting that the bend surfaces are inside the nominal bend profile + tolerance is important.

For version 3, the new VTube-LASER bend profile envelope and bend profile ring methods make this qualification easier than ever.


NEW - Rotate and Move the Entire Assembly

Now VTube-LASER can transform (rotate) and translate (move) the active tube in the assembly - and have all other tubes in the assembly follow the transformation rotation or move. 


NEW - LRA Spinner Control

The LRA Spinner control is designed to allow you to quickly and repeatedly change the LRA data of a tube and watch the result in real-time. 

This control is useful for visually aligning to a model's coil entry and exit rotations.


NEW - Lots of other stuff too

See the list of other items added to VTube-LASER v3.

  1. Now all the floating-point edit boxes let you enter formulas to enter data.  Say you want to add 0.375 mm to the X coordinate of 2.5.  In that value's box, type 2.5+3/8, and VTube will solve the formula with "2.875"

  2. Every time you perform an alignment, a new Measured Aligned Tube coordinate system is now calculated. This new feature lets you change the coordinate system in the digital readout to align with master PRINT orientation - rather than the arm coordinate system.

  3. Measure Bend Profiles three ways - Inside, Inside/Outside, or Inside/Outside/Top/Bottom

  4. All measured bend radii are now based exclusively on the inside of the bend (not the inside and outside).

  5. Added updated and improved sounds for scanning

  6. Optimized and faster data acquisition (5 times faster)

  7. The inspection user menu was carefully redesigned with an
    improved layout.

  8. VTube now tracks and displays the Cylinder Fit data with the project files.

  9. Report on the Bend Profile envelope and other attributes.

  10. Report the Cylinder Fit Data values.

  11. Added a dedicated UNISON SVNet protocol

  12. Added a dedicated Schwartze-Robitec SVNet protocol

  13. Added a dedicated YLM SVNet protocol

  14. The Laser Separation distance changes based on the master tube length.  

  15. You can change the Laser Separation distance at any time during the measurement (at the bottom of the yellow instruction box).

  16. Import adjacent bends with no straight (in STEP mode).

  17. Fixed pulldown menus in all grids so that they display all the time and require fewer clicks to pull down (like in the Bend Setup grid).

  18. New automatic reverse-alignment when a user measures a part in reverse.