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Features List

Feature: Automatic Bender Correction Steers The Bender to a Correct Tube Shape

  • VTube-LASER acts as a virtual gauge that qualifies a part shape - but also quickly steers your bender to a good tube shape through a direct connection.  Setups that used to take hours now takes minutes.

  • Connect to a network of up to 100 benders on your shop floor. (See a list here.)

  • Recall and sending data through a network is safer and faster than manual corrections.

  • If a connection to a bender isn't possible, VTube-LASER generates bender correction reports for adjusting any bender control - saving you time in setup.


Feature: Measure a Part Into SOLIDWORKS

  • Measure the part with a measuring center using VTube-LASER, then press a button draw the part in SOLIDWORKS in seconds. The part built in SOLIDWORKS is a fully-constrained 3DSketch.

  • If you have multiple tubes in an assembly in VTube-LASER, then you can choose to build all the parts to a single SOLIDWORKS drawing or to a SOLIDWORKS assembly.

  • VTube can even draw rectangular parts if you choose that option.

  • This feature is tested with all versions of SOLIDWORKS through 2018.

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